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Just Engaged -- Can I pull it off by 12.8.12?

I just got engaged about a week ago! Due to my fiance's job, he is gone almost every weekend, so the only dates that are good options are 12.8.12 and 7.20.13. I would prefer 12.8.12 because then we have time to go on a honeymoon. Before you call me insane, I plan events for a living (concerts, sporting hospitality, etc) so I feel like I can get it done. I've also found out my church is available and I have two options for recpetion places on the December date. My mom is retired and lives in the town where the wedding would be held, so she's said she'll do a lot of the leg work and just get my approval. For those who have planned a wedding before, what are your thoughts?

Re: Just Engaged -- Can I pull it off by 12.8.12?

  • I planned my wedding in 7 months, its totally doable. You just need to be really organized and having your mom help will be a godsend. First and foremost, book your church and venue and pick out dresses(yours and your BM). Lock in those dates ASAP and order your dresses fast. Then do you photographer, DJ and florist. You may want to do DJ asap because of xmas and holdiday parties. Everything will fall into place. Nail down the important ones quickly. Good luck and have fun!!!!
  • Oh heck yea. You have plenty of time. Plus, December is not one of the busier wedding months so you shouldn't struggle to find available vendors. 
    Tiem to get on those venues. Once you get the venue down and saved, everything else falls into place. 
  • Sounds like you're prepared and excited to plan. You can definitely do it in that amount of time! Congrats and best of luck! :)
  • It's totally possible.  Just book your vendors asap.  Just a thought. Is the church a Catholic church? Because if it is Dec. 8th is a major feast day and they may not have thought about it yet.  Good luck.
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  • 100% doable.
  • Totally do able!!
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    It's absolutely do-able :)

    We got engaged in February and we get married next month (8.18.2012) As long as you can be on the ball and know that you need to get stuff done, you'll be fine! Just do yourself a favor and book all the big stuff right away, then you can spend all the rest of the time on the fun little details :)

    OH YEAH, and send out invites a little early, people a lot of times already have plans 2-3 months away. I sent mine out at 3 months and I got a TON of positive feedback that it was really helpful to know the date ahead of time since I had lots of people coming in from out of town that would need to book flights. I know it might be a little against ettiquette but for me, it worked out perfectly.

    Good luck, happy planning!
  • I got married 4 months after getting engaged - no problem.  Once you get the venue(s) booked, everything else is easy.
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  • Absolutely. I got engaged 3 weeks ago and that is our wedding date. Once you have yo ur budget narrowed down it is smooth sailing. In just 3 weeks I got a date, venue, Caterer, booked a florist, my perfect dress, and my bridesmaids dresses. If you know what you want. It will be a breeze. Good luck and have fun!
  • Thanks for all the encouragement!! You guys are awesome. The update is I have the ceremony and officiant, reception venue and the rehearsal dinner spot booked! I am going wedding dress shopping tomorrow (hitting up two places with my mom and MOH) and have narrowed down BM dresses (hoping MOH can try some on). We have the band (going that route instead of DJ, think it's a southern thing) figured out as well. I have the guest list 80% figured out as well. So I'm now feeling like the little things can come together, right? Another question, I really wanted to do a Save the Date but my mom is saying it's crazy at this point since they won't be too far ahead of the actual invites. Now my idea is to do a cool STD via email as I have people traveling from VT, TX, CO, FL, NY, etc and I wan't them to get it on their calendar before the invites will get out. Think that works?
  • I would say yes!!  We are doing the same thing!  Got engaged 2 weeks ago and are planning for Nov 24 or Dec 1 (I know, I know, we need to make a decision like...NOW!)  Good luck in your planning and congratulations!
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