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October 2012 Weddings


Hey Ladies!
Have any of you ordered from efavormart.com? They have the candles, and table runner we want at an awesome price! Plus free shipping! I'm a little gun shy when it comes to online companies, so I'm looking for some personal experiences.

BTW: I did look online for some reviews...and it seems to be 50/50. Some had horrible experiences, while others had great ones. UGH! No help there

Thanks Guys!

Re: efavormart.com

  • I considered ordering from them at one point but found what I needed locally at a price that I was comfortable with.
  • I ordered some ribbon from them.  It was2 inch wide wire edge ribbon. Supposed to be eggplant color.  It is really more of like a raspberry color.  I was very disappointed.  But as far as the service and shipping time, it was ok.  I havent even attempted to return the ribbon, although I probably should.  I thought I might just try to re-sell it after the wedding along with some other stuff.
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  • I bought some rose petals from there and was quite satisfied. Shipping was fast and everything looked the way I expected it to. 
  • I bought our centerpiece flowers from there as well as petals. Mostly they were pretty good, though the royal blue petals are rather crap... just organza cut in a vague petalish shape, not actual petals. I had to give em a kick when their customer service got lazy about a refund on that.  The flowers are pretty good, but I will say we've found a few where the petals were actually made from the selvaged edge of the fabric (blech!). But overall they're fine.
  • thanks girls! I'm gonna go ahead and take a chance!
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