Has it hit you yet?

We've put deposits down for all the big vendors, ordered the BM dresses, I have my dress - and yet, it hasn't hit me that this is really happening. I had a "moment" when I tried on my dress with the veil and headpiece, but that was months ago. Since then, the whole wedding thing doesn't feel real. It still feels like we're talking about "someday", even though we know exactly what day we'll be married. I'm just wondering if anybody else is feeling the same way.
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Re: Has it hit you yet?

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    Yes I think it kinda hit me this weekend when I realized that it's only 8 months away now.  I think it'll really hit me when I actually get to Ontario the week before the wedding.

    When are you getting married?
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    Sometimes I feel like it's all just "someday" but I bought my dress the other day...and as I was standing there it hit me.  I was like "WOAH! I'm getting married in 11 months...!!"  But now it's faded again...I think it's those big things that make it really hit home.  Give me a few more months, when I'm doing all my DIY madness and I think I'll be there again.  lol

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    smellymm83: where in Ontario are you getting married? Im in Windsor.

    My big day is May 28, 2011 - 8 months today!
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    LidleD.. I'm going to be getting married in St. Thomas. It's just south of London.  It's my hometown. 

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    Sometimes it hits me, but sometimes that feeling goes away.
    The months are starting to tick down pretty fast tho, in a week when I'm down to 8 months and so many weeks and days it's gonna start to feel a bit close....yikes but yay!
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