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August 2012 Weddings

Torn about BMs dresses

I'm super torn!!! I used to be all for Option A (the ones on the left) but after watching the royal wedding/Charlotte York's wedding to Trey/seeing pictures, I'm loving BMs in a light champagne color (Option B)
Option A v
<Option B

What do you think? The boxed in part is "me" and FG is what we will probably/most likely be wearing/look like.

Our wedding is more of a vintage, traditional vibe to it.
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Re: Torn about BMs dresses

  • Love, love, love option B! I was originally thinkin the same - of doing something in a champagne color, really using neutral tones. I think it looks so classic and elegant.
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  • I agree - I'm now worried the three different colors will look too modern whereas the dresses being the same color would look so much more classic.
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  • I love option B. Classic is always a good thing. I was thinking of doing the same thing, all one color, all in the same dress. But what i have been seeing lately is the bridesmaids are in the same color, but different style dresses since they may have different body shapes and may not look the great in a uniformed dress. I'm thinking of doing that for my wedding since I have girls from all different sizes. But your options are very pretty and I love your wedding colors. And now I don't feel like I am the only one debating on bridesmaid dresses so far in advance from the wedding,
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  • i2012doi2012do member
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    Well as you know I'm totally a fan of champagne!
    So therefor I got for option b :)
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  • I think both are really pretty! But I think option B will be more traditional, so if that's the way you're going, pick option B :)
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