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stressing over the Ceremony!

im getting married in may and have no idea how i want to ceremony to go, actually im not sure how it is even supposed to go!  so im starting off deciding the music first..my DJ said he would play the ceremony music but im not sure what songs to play since im not sure what kind of music i want. ...or is it tacky to have a DJ play at your ceremony? should i have a harpist or someone playing music instead?  im not even sure how much that would even cost or who to call.. any ideas or suggestions?

Re: stressing over the Ceremony!

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    First of all...relax!!!  Your ceremony is not until May, you do have time, but I understand the need to get things nailed down.

    As for the music, it is entirely up to you.  Decide what kind of ceremony you want.  If you want very specific versions of songs, a DJ is the right way to go, and it will probably be cheaper than hiring a musician.  If you want to hire a musician first consider family and friends (who don't have another wedding role) to cut costs.  I think the Toledo Symphony website has information on musicians for hire if you want to go that route.

    As for your ceremony order, if you are doing a religious ceremony those are pretty much set.  Otherwise, contact your officiant (if you have one) and see what they recommend.  This is who I got all of my information on the ceremony order from.  I couldn't have decided how to do it on my own.  Maybe your officiant has programs from other weddings he/she has done that you can use as an example.  Just make sure you get the vows, exchange of rings and the kiss in there and you are good!
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    im in the process of trying to find an officiant. any suggestions?
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    We had a non-denominational ceremony outside of a church so it was harder for me to find an officiant too.  I just kind of asked my mom, family, friends.  The pastor from my aunt's church ended up being who married us.

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