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Weigh-in Monday 5/30/11

It's a holiday, I know; but it's also Monday.

Yup - gained a pound from last week (currently 179.4) but in actuality I gained 3 since I was down 2 lbs as of Saturday.

Yesterday we hosted a BBQ and I just ate and ate and ate, so I'm a little surprised the damage was not worse.  Today it begins again (the diet....not the eating)

Re: Weigh-in Monday 5/30/11

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    I checked earlier: 189.8. Which is up a smidge from last week, but in the margin of error I think. And I'm--er--retaining, so I am not going to beat myself up. I also got sick for a couple of days.

    This actually worked for me, this accountability thing. I went back in each day and edited my post from last monday with the workout info. I felt like it was holding me to honesty, and it peer-pressured me to keep it up on days I might have blown it off otherwise (even though I'm sure no one else looked at it).

    This week plans again: 3x Wii Fit, 3x Just Dance. Also eating better (my new fruit smoothie plan).

    EDIT: Monday I was a slug. I took the holiday off.
    EDIT: Tuesday did 15min Wii Fit and then 4 songs on Just Dance. Beautiful evening, felt great.
    EDIT: Wednesday Tornado warnings made me need to watch TV all night instead of firing up the Wii. But while I had the TV on I worked on some sewing, which was better than sitting on the sofa...
    EDIT: Thursday...where did this headache come from?? It borders on migraine, which I haven't had in a long time. Anyway, kept trying to press myself to work out but I just can't. I #FAIL.
    EDIT: Friday...WTF with this headache? Excedrin didn't touch it, sinus meds, no impact. Unreal. Also major disaster of a day, with 2 trips to the DMV because I had the wrong form for the first one, and a letter from the IRS (that is wrong, but still...grrr). Opening a bottle of wine and just writing today off. But walked around Boston quite a bit.
    EDIT: Saturday. Total fail. Big family gathering, no low-cal options, cake, ice cream, etc. No exercise. But really nothing I could do about it.
    EDIT: Sunday. No formal workout, but was up and down all day, and sewing on my treadle machine. That's gotta count for something. Also was busy so didn't eat much. That is the great thing about craft projects--they keep me from boredom eating. And I don't want to get my hands dirty....
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  • Ooops, I forgot my plan for the week, Mem.  More fruit and veg.  Walking outdoors as much as possible.
  • I'm down a pound for the week.  So yippee!  especially since I did not make it to the gym even once!  gah!  (work killed me this week)

    This week's plan:

    Softball 2 nights
    gym 4 times

    I pick up my dress on sunday!  yippee and a week from wednesday we head to Mexico!
  • Sigh I want to weigh 179 :(

  • I am down about 3lbs to 187.  :)  Only 42lbs to go.  My exercise classes start next Tuesday.  I am so pumped to lose the weight. 

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  • Okay, we're off to a good start even if we stayed the same or gained.  At least we're holding ourselves accountable!
  • 242.9 for me  i think that makes me up .6
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