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El fenix rooftop wedding

I am looking to get married in spring of 2013 and heard that the el fenix downtown can be used as a venue. Do any of you ladies have experience with it? I tried to find pictures of it all done up and haven't had much luck.

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  • Look at any of Azelia's posts below. She had her wedding there and I am jealous of how gorgeous it was!
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  • Awesome venue. Seriously- all my guests loved it (including my uppity friends who would snub at the fact of eating at El Fenix, much less having a restaurant ceremony and reception). Everything was perfect. They include everything, food and drink are very inexpensive (especially alcohol), and everyone loved the lounge-y patio! 

    Lots of pics. Ask if you have any questions at all (including room dimensions and seating arrangements. Believe it or not, I made my own architectural diagrams of the place that I am more than happy to share).  
    Rooftop Ceremony
    Outside dancing on the patio

    This is how the room looks with people in it. We had our cake cutting in the very back corner. With the mirrors, everyone can see. 
    Inside tables (8 ten person rounds) with buffet in center. One 10 person head table at mirror.
    Looking towards patio and towards W Hotel/AAC (with some patio furniture in pic).
    Ceremony utilizing L-shaped aisle with lounge couches at back and chivalri chairs in front.
    More buildings and the center aisle looking towards banquet room.
    Dancing at night on rooftop
    Sparkler exit in front of restaurant.
    Ceremony site setup.

    Sorry so picture heavy but lack of pictures/documentation was the single most difficult thing I had with planning my wedding here. A lot of it was just going up on Sundays and planning. In the end, El Fenix really allowed me to stay well under my budget. 
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    Aeliza, did you do the per person bar package or total drinks consumed? I can't decide which would be cheaper. Did you have to rent the linens or were they provided? Sorry so many questions! I'm really obsessed with the downtown rooftop vibe. Actually any info you have that you would be willing to share I would love. Thanks girl!
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    I did the per person bar package because I knew we had a lot of drinkers. Seriously, two drinks per person and it pays for itself. Over the course of 3 hours, one person could consume 5 to 6 drinks. That means that even if just one third of your people drink, the bar package pays for itself. Plus, you don't have to pass out/pay for champagne for the toast. 
    The linens/stemware/silveware/black chivalri chairs were provided. I just brought decor and flowers. They even provided the gifts/sign-in/cake/dj table. I paid $250 for the extra hour past 3 hours (total of four hours for ceremony and reception) and paid 300$ for extra staff to flip the space from ceremony to reception. No one even noticed the flip because they were too busy at the bar drinking :) 
    We did the Martinez package ($11.95 for 2 enchiladas, rice, beans) and did chicken and cheese. Everyone loved them and there were plenty to go around. People even went back for seconds. I also did a salad (extra $3.50 per person). I don't think very many people ate the salad. 
    For set-up, I was allowed to come into the venue when the restaurant opened (11am) to begin set-up. We were done around 3pm setting up and our ceremony started at 7pm. Afterward, they allowed us to store our decor there overnight and we picked it up the next morning. 

    One thing worth noting is that there are only stairs. So if you have any guests who have trouble walking and/or have vendors who have a lot of equipment, make sure you mention this to them. If you end up needing a tent, they recommend using Big D Party Rentals who have put up a tent on the rooftop multiple times and know how to bring their equipment up. Our DJ had no problem bringing lights and all of his equipment (including speakers) up the stairs so, like I said, just make sure your vendors know. 

    If the rooftop vibe is what you want, I HIGHLY recommend this place. Their lounge couches are awesome. 
    Here is my layout for the reception: (click on the pic to make it larger) (quick note- I moved the cocktail tables to the edge of the dance area near the square tables so people could set their drinks down before they dance. The long wood-type object on the top of the area is a bench they have along the side of the building.) 

    I am an open book- either PM me or just ask me on here. HTH!
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