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Side dishes

I think my fiance and I have decided to do a buffet style reception dinner! I think we have decided to offer a selection of chicken, salmon, pasta, pork tenderloin and steaks and then will offer our guests a selection of sauces so they can personalize their entrees to their tastes such as Alfredo, pesto, peanut sauce, tangy mustard sauce, marinara, red wine sauce, horseradish white wine sauce and probably a few others. The problem we have run into is with side dishes, other than a selection of vegetables we don't really have any other ideas. We would like items that will pair well with our main courses and the sauces! Any ideas on additional sides would be really appreciated! Also if anyone has ideas for some other sauces as well! Thanks so much!!!
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Re: Side dishes

  • Where your going sounds awesome, a bit more unique than a standard buffet! I know it's a veggie, but I am a huge fan of simply roasted red potatoes and cauliflower. It would go great with the chicken, salmon and especially the pork. A cinnamon apple dish is perfect with pork tenderloin. Maybe a nice selection of breads? I would do some kind of a salad since a lot of the menu seems heavy as well. Yummy, good luck!
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  • I would go pretty simple on sides. Mixed steamed veggies. Jasmine rice. Roasted red potatoes. Bread assortment.
  • I'd do pasta with all those sauces a penne and possibly tortellini. Veggies are a must, I'd also go with some grilled or roasted asparagus, zucchini, portabelllo mushrooms and maybe a steamed blend. Roasted new potatoes, rice are some other ideas. A garden salad and a nice bread assortment would round everything out.
  • What about having roasted vegetables and something like ginger stir fry vegetables?  That way people could incorporate the different flavors and tastes besides by just adding more sauces.  I would do an additional starch as well like rice or potatoes.  Rice might be more versatile, since people could mix it in with the veggies, too.

  • In addition to veggies (steamed, roasted, etc.) and salad (garden and/or Caesar), I'd suggest one or two potato options (mashed/smashed, roasted baby reds, roasted or mashed sweet potatoes -- wonderful with pork!), and some form of rice (steamed jasmine rice, pilaf, risotto).  That way you have plenty of starch options for anyone with gluten issues.  Although I'd certainly agree with the suggestion of a selection of breads!!!

    The variety that you're planning sounds amazing!
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