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we are getting married and using my fiancees two children as our Ringbearer and Flowergirl.  I have a nephew about the same age that i'm really close with so i don't want to leave him out.  I need to find a way to make him part of the wedding without him having to be a co-ringbearer.....any ideas...thanks,

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    Are you having a train at all on your wedding dress?  If so rather than a ring bearer he could hold the edge of your train as you walk down the aisle.  I personally don't think there is any probem with having more than one ring bearer:)
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    Ditto  honeybee. I've been to numerous weddings where that has been more than one ringbearer, it's not all that uncommon. I have seen some brides do a "here comes the bride" banner. Just a thought.

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    My sister used both of my boys as ringbears in her wedding.  They each had a pillow to carry.  It was really nice.

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    I have 2 nephews and plan on using them both as ring bearers.  You can have them each carry a pillow or a bear.  It would be nice to have them both included in your big day!
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