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i am mot sure exactly what i want as far as my wedding such as style i do have a color. as far as my dress i have one i chose but i am not loving it. it seems everybody is planning for me but me.

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    Well, the first place to start is a budget - when you know how much money you'll be able to spend, it helps to figure everything else out.   Then decide what parts of the wedding (aside from being married at the end of the day) are most important to you.

    For me, it was the dress, the photographer and the food.  I know other people care the most about the music or the venue.   Just keep in mind that your wedding is supposed to be a happy thing, not a frustrating one (even though everyone has their moments in planning where they want to rip their hair out).

    What aren't you loving your dress?
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    I completely agree with arbolita, I am in the planning stage as well and it is completely overwhelming but so much fun.  Everyday I get more and more excited because I know our special day is coming closer to being exactly what we wanted!! 

    Make this day yours and your fiance' and no one else.  If you do not have the dress that you love exchange it alter it sell it but just find a way to be happy!!! If you need ideas message me I have too many for my own wedding! But whatever you do own your day!!!
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    If I I have learned nothing yet and I am very early on in the planning stages for my wedding is that this is supposed to be you and your fh's day, yours and yours alone. So make sure you do what makes you happy because really that's all that matters at the end of the day.  Your day!  Take a deep breath and think about it from this prospective - it has really helped me to keep things in perspective about things!
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