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My Pre-Cana experience

We just completed our Pre-Cana weekend. Overall, it was what I expected and I was glad to see we really are on the same page. I found the workbooks particularly helpful when we'd answer separately and then read each others' answers. The ones where we completely differed had to do with one of us interpreting the question differently, but otherwise our answers (both from ourselves and about the other) were pretty identical. I enjoyed yesterdays' couple who lead the discussions. They were very...real...for lack of better word! They shared personal stories, both successes and challenges they have endured. I felt the whole room was more engaged with them. There were 46 couples present!

Today's discussion was a bit dry. I'm not so sure if it had to do with the couple or the topics (NFP, sacraments of marriage, actual Church-marriage talk), but I felt the whole room was just counting the minutes until we had break then lunch then got to go home. Most of the couple were the same from yesterday, but a smaller group and some new people. I hope the leading couple didn't pick up on that, because they are volunteers and obviously really want to help. They were very cheerful, more prepared and public speaking was more of their strength than yesterday's couple, but there was just no energy in the room. 

FI and I discussed what we took away from all of this. As I've shared before, FI was baptized but was not raised in the Church, so I wasn't sure what he'd get out of this. Basically what we came away with was satisfaction what we previously felt about marrying in the Church, having a family and just getting married in the 1st place, was pretty much the right thing for us to do. 

The one thing I would've done differently is not do the program as back-to-back days. Maybe that was part of the problem for lack of interest in today's course. I think it is a nice way to check in with your future spouse, just focus on topics as they pertain to the two of you, and it could be very eye-opening for youger couples, or couples who haven't been together long. In our case, we've been together 7 years and have owned a house for 2 years, so there really wasn't any,"Hey! We've never thought about or discussed this!"

Just thought I'd share! 

Re: My Pre-Cana experience

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