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Going to be selling some items after May 27 wedding

Wanted to post up some info as i am going to selling some stuff after the wedding i wont need anymore.


1. I have 50 votive holders from Pier 1 Imports.  Im asking $40 for all.  (STILL AVAILABLE)

2. 19 ornate frames mix. SOLD 

I mixed a bunch of different frames for a vintage chic look. Some are not as fancy, some are a little more detailed but they all go together well. They hold 3x3 pictures or I used them for table numbers.  Asking $40.00 for all or $2.50 each.

3. 14 apothocary jars. -SOLD 

Great for a candy buffet.  Have an assortment of hurricanes, candy jars, bowls etc.
Heart Shaped bowls- glass- good for M&Ms - asking $3.00 each
 - 4 available
Hurricanes - $6.00 each - 2 available
 Large Brandy Bowls - $8.00 each- 2 available 
-Round fishbowl looking containers-$7.00 each - 2 available
1 Atrium- $12.00
2 Cookie Jars - $7.00 each
Martini Glass- $12.00 
Inquire for pictures. I have some really awesome looking ones but do not know how to describe them. Most are from Home Goods and I paid anywhere from $12.99 to $19.99. I am selling them for half what i paid for them.  Jars can be sold with or without ribbon etc.
You can also make me an offer on the entire set if you want.

4. White lights with white wire ....I have about 8 boxes of sets of 50 and 8 boxes of sets of 100. $75.00 for all.

5. Card box- Asking $15.00 Has a hole on top for cards and i added 2 white butterflies to the front

6. Ugh dont want to part with these but...
These were my original wedding shoes - Nina - Garima in Ivory. I foolishy impulse bought these and then realized, my dress did not ...they have never been worn. They are sitting in the box. I paid $141.21for them but i will part with them for $100. Size 8.5 and still in the box.

7. May have 2 unworn Bridemaids dresses. 2 evil girls dropped out of my wedding party and i have their dresses which i got stuck paying for since the dress shop refused to give me my dress. I am asking what I paid for them which is $125 each. One is a 10 with extra length (cost extra) and the other is a size 8.  They are bill levkoff 377 in Euro Rose Petal.
IF they decide to actually send me the money they owed on them, they may not be available, but im just putting it out there  now just in case someone is interested.

This is my sister in law modeling HER dress. Like i said, the other 2 are still in bags, not even tried on. The dress retails at around $225.

8. Butterfly guest book- yet another thing i bought and dont need. We are doing a different guest book setup and now i have this laying around. Paid $35...asking $20.00. Pen is also available. Paid $22 and asking $15

9. A whole lot of Tulle Bows.Great for accesorizing bridges, arches, and staircases.  Countless hours went in to making about 35 tulle bows for my ceremony space. I think i went through about $50 or 5 rolls of Tulleing or more to make these...i am asking $1.00 a bow or $30.00 for all of them. It took me forever to make if you dont want the hassle, then you may want to consider these. With the cost involved and time, this is probably a nice easy option.
- SOLD 15...still have planty left though.

10. Assorted frames 5x7 and 8x10 Metallic silver frames (Right side frame)... I have about 15 .  The one on the left is sold already.

11.  two Swarovski butterfly necklaces...again, these were for the 2 girls who dropped out of my wedding. I paid $100 each for them. I dont want the store credit for them. I am selling them for $70.00 each. Still in their boxes.

12.  24 x 36 Seating chart frame.... (NOT SOLD WITH GLASS INSERT FOR FRONT) Hubby dropped the glass pane when i removed it from the frame 2 days ago when i listed this im selling it without the glass and reduced the price. />:(  
...I went to Michaels and bought the glass and mounting back for $14.00.
I am asking $50 (Reduced the price from original asking price) for the silver ornate frame. I searched everywhere for a frame this size in the silver i wanted and it took forever!!! Ornate frames of any size are pretty hard to find.

 If you are looking for an easier alternative for seating, this is it. No more escort cards and holders etc. (this is a new way brides are handling this task)  It will wind up costing you more to do individual cards if you have to buy something to prop them up. this was the best alternative i found and it wound up being cheaper then writing out each card, buying a name card holder for 150 guests, etc.  Plus it looked so eloquent and it matches the ornate frame mix very well.

13.  Wooden "SWEETS" Candy buffet sign and 3 wooden painted hearts - asking $15.00

ANYONE OUT OF STATE IF INTERESTED- SEND ME AN EMAIL at [email protected] with your address so i can calculate shipping.

Everything IS AVAILABLE that is listed and does not say SOLD. I live in suffolk county (wading river)
I just do not have the space for this stuff right now.  If interested send me a PM. Also some prices are negotiable. So if you have questions, send me a message and i will try to get back to you asap. 

I may have other stuff available as well. I have been collecting wedding stuff for 2 years and got a little crazy with my spending.
Anyway, thanks for taking a look.


Re: Going to be selling some items after May 27 wedding

  • I love the jars. can you send me a PM with your email address or your phone and I'll get in touch with you around June.
  • Interested in the tulle bows.  Sent you PM
  • Love the 19 frames for $40  :)

    Could you send me more varied pictures to:

    [email protected]
    Thank You!
  • Hi...I would like to buy the frames and the card box(if still available)....very pretty...can you send me some info on how you would like payment.  Thank You


  • Are you looking for the small frames for table numbers or the 8 x 10s and whatnot?^^^^
    everything is still availble that is listed. card box as well. i just have to reseal it...this way, when people put cards in one else can get in there and take them out but you.
    i glued it shut...when the wedding was over, opened it. etc.

    here are the votives...for someone who asked.

    i have a pack of 50 tea lights from pier 1 for these as well....if someone wants them and the votives ill add it to the votives for an extra 8 bucks, i think i paid 14 bucks for the pack.
  • Hello Donna,

    I'm interested in your 40 champagne frames and all your candy jars (possibly)  I'm hoping you haven't sold these items yet.  If not, can you email me with more pics of the different types of frames and jars, and please include shipping price to 33186. My email is [email protected] Thank you. 

  • Hi,
    Can you send pics of the picture frames to [email protected], please?

  • Interested in the seating chart frame. Sent you a PM. Thanks!
  • In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:120Discussion:42a77dbe-040c-4f2d-819f-b2568c753c00Post:83b88205-7367-48cb-a829-76ea8ae3bec0">Re: Going to be selling some items after May 27 wedding</a>:
    [QUOTE]Interested in the seating chart frame. Sent you a PM. Thanks!
    Posted by Megbeda[/QUOTE]

    Sent you a private message!  Also in NY and interested in the frames.
  • In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:120Discussion:42a77dbe-040c-4f2d-819f-b2568c753c00Post:fa368213-e205-48f8-8a44-746900635c14">Re: Going to be selling some items after May 27 wedding</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Going to be selling some items after May 27 wedding : Sent you a private message!  Also in NY and interested in the frames.
    Posted by ojosverde1[/QUOTE]

    Sent back responses via email and PM. if you havent gotten it let me know.
  • I'm interested in the white lights.  What exactly are they though??  I'm having a backyard wedding sounds like they would be great!
  • Also interested in the tulle bows!
  • Suelongbeach- PM Sent. email me at [email protected] if you have any questions :-)
  • interested in tulle bows.  could you pm me with pictures of how they were used?
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