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Facial Question

I have never had a facial before and FI got me a spa day package as a gift,for me to use the week before our wedding. This package includes a facial ( with Microdermabrasion) I have no idea if this will be a good thing to get the week before my wedding? 

Have any of you ladies ever done this? and how does it affect your skin? TIA

Re: Facial Question

  • I got a facial (but no Microderm abrasion) before I was in a wedding a few years ago on a Wednesday for a Saturday wedding. I kind of wish I had done it Monday or Tuesday, but overall I wasn't disappointed. My skin just looked BETTER in the days after the wedding.
  • I don't think a week before the wedding is a good idea. I had my first facial ever a few weeks ago, and my skin looked kind of funky for a little over a week. I have very sensitive skin though, so you might not have any problems. 
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  • I think the week before the wedding should be fine.  I wouldn't do it the week of though.  I sometimes break out after a facial -- although I got one on Saturday and I didn't so that just goes to show you never know.  Call and ask the salon what they recommend. 
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    I just had a facial on Saturday and my face broke out. My wedding is in 3 weeks and Im praying it clears up. I've never have broken out this bad in my life.
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  • I don't think i'd risk it the week of the wedding since you've never had one before and don't know how your skin will react.  

  • Thank you all so much! I will call the salon and see what they recommend, but I have a feeling I am going to pass up on the facial all together and see if they can just extend my massage!  
  • Good idea to extend the massage. Facials should be tried and true. Dont' experiment this close to your date.
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  • Microderm can be rough if you have sensitive skin and new products are always risky so close to a big event so I would steer clear. See if they'll let you use that part of the package after the wedding...or if you can swap it out for other services.
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