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Is a wedding videographer necessary?

My fiance and I are getting married next June and are paying for our wedding ourselves.  Originally, we decided to pick a great photographer because we didn't want to have to pay $1000 or so for a videographer.  While we are very pleased with our photographer, I'm now starting to get second thoughts about not having a videographer.  I guess there's nothing like having a video to capture the details, people's faces/expressions, our vows... things that I might miss during the day as a busy bride, and that don't necessarily get captured in even the best quality photos.

For those whose weddings have already passed:  if you had a videographer, are you glad you spent that extra money?  If you did not go the videographer route, do you regret it at all?


Re: Is a wedding videographer necessary?

  • My wedding hasn't passed yet but I am not having a videographer. I feel awkward any time someone is videotaping me. I must be paranoid or something.

    Anyway, I was going to suggest asking a friend or family member to tape some of your wedding and reception. It wouldn't be as high quality but you'd save the money and still have something to watch later.
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  • we're having a family member record the ceremony with a camcorder and then we're putting the extra money towards better pictures. i know i hate myself on video so i would probably never watch a $1000 one, but i would love looking through extra photos.
  • I had my wedding last month and regret not getting one.  I thought pictures would be enough and most people don't watch their videos anyway.  But your wedding goes by sooo fast and you miss alot of things, plus I feel like I was in a blissful daze for a lot of if and would love to have the important things captured in video.  Pictures just don't capture everything.  I don't think you need mutiple videographers, all day long coverage type of thing, but someone to capture the important moments would be nice.
  • I just got married in June... we had both a photographer and a videographer.  I am so so so thankful that we ended up going with the video (ours was like $800 - lowest package possible).  It was something we almost cut to save money, but it was so worth it!  When we got the pictures back, we were actually disappointed that they hadn't captured everything (and we had actually put more money than we would have hoped into the photographer).  There were many guests and moments that were missed.... and thankfully were caught by the video.  It was able to capture the "ambiance" and "energy" of the evening better than the pictures. 

    So my answer is definitely YES on the videographer.  I hate being videotaped, but I never even noticed him throughout the day (the photographer was actually much more intrusive!)

  • You can replay the most special moments in your life if you have a videographer. Just get a reliable on, my wedding videographer lost my video and I paid $2000 for it. I should have went with the company who charges $100 and would have probably had a video now.
  • Our videography was some of the best money we ever spent...  It's true that it goes by so fast, and you do see things you didn't notice when you see the video.  Absolutely zero regrets :)

    As part of our package, we got a "highlights" video - it's basically the whole wedding day in six minutes.  It's what we show friends who couldn't make it to the wedding.  It's in my bio below under the Video tab if you're curious.

    Our videography was expensive, but our reasoning was that if we're going to spend so much money on one day, don't you want to be able to relive it through video?  Plus, we can show it to our kids.

    So if you can afford it, I'd definitely get it done.  Again, I have no regrets :)
  • I am having one.  I was really worried that I might regret not having one - not only to capture FI and me...but mostly our family members.  I know it's kind of morbid, but I know they won't be around forever and I wanted to capture their voices and mannerisms. 

    Shop around and see if you can find a less expensive videographer.  I looked and looked and found someone for $600! 

  • oh yes it is very necessary!

    Check out my wedding video here: http://www.stereowaltzfilms.com

    I could not be more happy with my wedding video.  Stereo Waltz was great to work with, they give you an edited 12 min or so video along with all the raw footage.  They have an array of packages to choose from, just email them and ask.

    Video is so good to have, for family who can't make it, to look over what you missed because the day goes so fast, and I love that I'll have something to show my kids.  I wish my parents had a wedding video!
  • I did not want to spend money on a videographer because they were all super expensive, and i had already gone over budget w/ our photographer. turns out, my friends mom offered to video for us. she videtaped the whole ceremony and then set the cameraup on a tripod for the reception. I am SOOOO glad she did. granted, it's not professional or anything, but I have already watched it a few times because there was so much I felt like I missed on that day. So I would suggest getting a family member or friend to do it if you really can't afford one, it will be better than nothing!! =) 
  • Thanks for asking this.  I am also getting married in June and was wondering the same thing.  My sister's friend is a professional at this and can tape it for us.  BUt, even at the family discount it is a decent chunk of change.  I'm glad to hear it was worth it for everyone (unless the film was lost) and I will definitely be doing one now.  Thanks!
  • Our wedding was a couple months ago and we never had a video made, by a professional or by uncle joe with a video recorder.  Nice nice pictures were enough for us :)
  • It all depends on what's important to you.  I decided to spend more money on the photographer instead and do not regret my decision at all.  
  • We had a family friend video tape the ceremony and the "important" parts of the reception. We had his video camera set up on a tripod so it was very stead. We took all the footage to a video editor and had it edited together with music. We only paid $135 for the editing and the video looks TOTALLY professional! I'm so glad we decided to do this!!! Just an idea for you.Laughing
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