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busy day but full of checks

Today I am meeting with the photographer to finalize the details. Then going to try and make it to courthouse to get marriage license. Going to chapel to talk a little about ceremony and decorations. Then going to hotel where reception is to pick out appetizers and cocktails and touring honeymoon suite. And last picking out a cake.

Do you think I should do a champagne toast or open bar for a bit? Does anyone even drink/like champagne?

I know super busy but exciting too.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Re: busy day but full of checks

  • If you can afford it, it would be a lovely touch. We are doing the champagne toast for everyone cause we just can't afford the open bar. :(

    YAY for all the checks!
  • If you can afford it I would opt for the champagne instead of the open bar. But if you can afford both, go for it!

    We were originally only going to have the champagne toast, however MIL was insistent that we have some sort of open bar. She is paying for $1500 of it and it will be beer, wine, and soda only. Once the money runs out the bar will go to cash only. I am putting $300 down so that the bridal party (and myself) can have liquor if they so choose (MIL refuses to pay for hard alcohol).
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  • We are doing the champagne toast.  We can't afford an open bar either.  But if you prefer wine to champagne you could do a wine toast instead. 
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  • Well it was a good day. We got all done except marriage license. Fi also got fitted for tux so I'm happy that's out of the way. Also booked the honeymoon suite at the hotel where the reception is at. I'm so excited. As for champagne toast or open bar...we decided to do a cocktail hour in the lounge at the hotel. It will be happy hour and drinks are a better deal this way. They are doing wine, wells, and draft specials. Thanks for the input you guys always help me figure out what's best!
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