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T&P please.

BF's grandpa just went in to the hospital on Saturday morning for extreme pain in his back, although he has had a bad back for a while now. They just discovered a tumor on his spine, and he'll be starting radiation soon.

I'm not entirely clear on what's going on but that is what I do know. I know BF and his family would really appreicate any thoughts and prayers at all.

And if anyone has any insight or advice on what I can do... please share.

Re: T&P please.

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    The best thing you can do is be there for your BF and his family. If you want to do something nice or help his grandparents out you could send over a few casseroles, a fruit or food basket (think Harry and David) or some nice flowers. 


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  • AudgiePodgeAudgiePodge member
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    I'm sorry Bren.  I hope things turn out okay.  Hugs.
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  • heyimbrenheyimbren member
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    Thank you ladies.

    Liv, BF's parents aren't actually here. They're in BC, and we're in Ontario which is too bad. But that is encouraging to here with your experience!

  • desertsundesertsun member
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    Bren, sending thoughts and prayers to BF's grandpa, to you and BF, and the rest of the family. Hope everything works out okay.
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  • heyimbrenheyimbren member
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    [QUOTE]Awww, bummer you're not closer. Maybe you could send them (his parents and/or his grandparents) some nice periodic handwritten notes of encouragement? When my friend was across the country and going through cancer treatment a few years back I sent weekly cards with little notes just to let him know I was thinking of him when I couldn't physically be there. It's a nice reminder that you're thinking of them without being intrusive if they are busy with treatments or aren't the sort of people who want to talk about it.
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    Haha I think I'm doing a bad job at clarifying... BF's parents are in BC, while me, BF, and his grandparents (including grandpa!) are in Ontario :) But that is a nice idea for his grandparents even! They're close enough that I couldu easily do that too maybe...

  • motoLynmotoLyn member
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    Sending my T&P Bren.  I hope that your BF's grandpa will make it though this and recover.  Like others have stated, just be there for your BF and support him.
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    Sending you T&P.
  • Elle1036Elle1036 member
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    Oh, that sucks, Bren.  I'm sorry.  I'll keep you guys in my thoughts.
  • PaigeMcCPaigeMcC member
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    Oh Bren! I'm so sorry to hear his! BF's family will be in my thoughts

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  • SopChickSopChick member
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    I'm sorry Bren, my thoughts and well wishes are with you guys!
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  • cu97tigercu97tiger member
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    Thoughts and prayers, of course!

    My BF's grandma has been deteriorating for awhile. At least twice (including Monday night) we've gotten calls from his mom saying she might not make it through the night. She's still with us, but it's tough on BF. I just make sure I'm fully present when he talks about it, not looking at my phone, computer, tv, etc. That way he can say as much or as little as he wants and know I'm listening. That's really all you can do for him.

    And I think food and a handwritten note would be a perfect thing to do for his grandparents!
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  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
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    You, your BF, and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers!

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    I just said a prayer for your BF's family and his grandfather. I'll continue to pray!
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  • peekaboo2011peekaboo2011 Washington, DC member
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    Bren, sending you and BFs family thoughts, prayers and lots of love!  
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    Sending some prayers.  I'm sure it'll mean the world to your BF to support him right now. 

    I hope all goes well for his grandpa!
  • DanieKADanieKA member
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    Hoping things turn out well. I'll be keeping everyone in my thoughts:)
  • marleylikeairmarleylikeair member
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    Lots of good thoughts your way, Bren. Hope BF's grandpa beats that thing and gets back to kicking around town like a champ.
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    I'm a little late to this game, but I agree with PP and will be praying for you all. 
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