Ivory or White?

I just bought my dress yesterday from Madeline's Daughter and I'm soo excited!! :) I always thought that I would want to wear a white dress on my wedding day but they told me with my blonde hair and fair skin that I would look better in ivory and that's what I ordered. I was just curious what everyone else was doing!??

This is my dress!!! :) I'm hoping that the ivory will look nice. I will see when it comes in, in June.

Re: Ivory or White?

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    Congratulations! First of all, your dress is beautiful.  Did you happen to try on an ivory dress (any dress) to see how YOU liked it?  I personally love Ivory and I ordered a pearl colored with an Ivory overlay,  I'm getting married in October and my girls are wearing cinnamon and the guys are wearing brown tuxes.  I thought the ivory looked very soft and was very complimented by the dark wedding party colors.
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    Congrats! I love corset backs, they look so pretty. 

    Mine is ivory, I figured being on the beach if it's sunny, white might be a little blinding.  Although when I tried it on, the lady said it was ivory and I never would have known.
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    I'm also blonde with fair skin.  I went in to dress shopping thinking I would get white no matter what, and I ended up going with ivory.  I preferred the way it worked with my coloring.
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    My dress is ivory too, but when I tried it on I thought it was white. Ivory looks better with my coloring, white paled me out too much.
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    Your dress is very beautiful, I love the details on the trail.  Congrats on the check.  I also bought an ivory dress and it is better for my skin tone and I also found that the lace on my dress looked better in the ivory.
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    When I was trying on dresses I thought they were all white and it turns out there were all ivory.  Unless you put a dress next to an actual white dress (which is very blinding), an ivory dress will look white to most people.  Also, I think ivory tends to be more flattering because it is softer.  White is actually very harsh.
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    Such a pretty dress!! Like the PPs said, a lot of time you can't tell the difference between ivory and white unless they are right next to each other. I went with a white dress, but I have very dark hair and I liked the white better on me. I think you'll look beautiful in ivory. Did you try on other dresses that were ivory?
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    Yes, I tryed on ivory in other dresses, but like everyone else i thought it was white!! They just didn't have my dress in ivory (I tryed it on in Oyster) so I don't get to see the final product. I always imagined that ivory was more creamy.

    I guess I always thought that you had to wear pure white on your wedding was interesting to learn that not many people do.

    Thanks everyone!! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one!!! :)
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    Beautiful dress! I went with ivory too... white was just way too... white :) 
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