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I really need...

...a "money manufacture" or a "money tree"!! We just spent almost one thousand with the family and wedding party's gifts!!! Will we ever stop spending money with the wedding???...sigh...
So what do you think girls? Having fun yet?

Re: I really need...

  • You can always sell the new car ;)

    You're right, it never ends with weddings.
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    I am not yet fully into the wedding planning yet but I suspect in a few months I will be looking for a money tree or well, whatever, myself.  LOL!

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  • Honestly I'm right there with ya!  I had final payments due this week for a couple of places (how did I manage to arrange them for the same week?) and it's causing me serious stress. 

    I hate moving money from savings but am thankful I have it "somewhere".
  • Yeah, that store "Dollar Tree" really had me fooled...you go there thinking "what a great idea, I'm going to be on easy street"  but  there is not ONE dollar tree in there!  :P
  • Kelly I'm with you. This week we paid for DJ and the Venue within 2 days. Ouch. However it is a nice relief to know it is all paid and ready to go. Only money going out now is like beauty junk for me. I got hair done today. Body wrap, massage, airspray tanning and mani/pedi all next week. Then DONE!

    To all those brides still in planning stages, I did  A LOT of the stuff myself, saved some money, and researched places online. I ordered a lot of things on the net, and seemed to save money there. Plus look at the classifieds on here. Good chances are a bride made or used something you like and can use at a fraction of the cost.

    Good luck and happy planning!
  • I so feel your pain . Amex bill for some wedding expenses is due Tuesday. Paid the caterer's final bill last week & there will be another Amex bill next month. And I know I'll want to get some photos. Oh well..... At least we've stopped incurring wedding expense.
  • I could use a money tree/manufacturer also...but we are sticking with a very small budget for the wedding and honeymoon (eloping) because with 2 kids in college (one mine and one his) and one in high school who will be in college soon after those two graduate we don't have the money to actually pay for a reception etc. If only I had a money tree for the tuition though!
  • @Marrin 713 - I can't sell the car; FI just bought for me and is not paid off!!! : )

    @ LucyHC - I have 10 attendants plus FI's five sisters and brothers and a mother...16 gifts total!!!

    The problem with me is that I find a lot of ways to cheat the budget with small (and usually not that cheap) details...you know, like " oh, it's just $50, or just $75, it won't hurt" !
    I have to be more attached to the budget and know that it's not because I saved some money here and there, that I have to spend what I saved in other things that were not even listed before...bad me!!!! Embarassed
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