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Savannah Board

I really wish we could get more people to show interest in this board. Where are all of our Savannah Brides? This board needs a pick me up!

Re: Savannah Board

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    I know I totally agree...I try to post but no one seems to respond very disappointing.

  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr member
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    I would love to see this board pick up.  I feel like it is the same people posting all the time.  I know Savannah is a big destination wedding town, but there have to be more of us locals around. 

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    Hi! I just got engaged. I live in Los Angeles but I just started planning a Savannah wedding (we are both Savannah College of Art and Design alumni).

    I'm really familiar with the city but haven't lived there for 6 years.
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    Does anyone know if SCAD has students who would be interested in videoing a wedding?  I know they have a film dept.  I figured it could be a win win situation for a college student and us.  My fiance & I really don't have a video in the budget but everyone says will regret if we don't have one.  So trying to find a creative option.


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    I don't but you could try contacting the department or maybe even putting an ad in craigslist.
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    Hello Ladies,

    I just stumbles across your board. I’m trying to plan a destination wedding in Savannah!!! One year out, who are you using for your wedding planner and have any of you found a fabulous reception venue?

  • kkaurakkaura member
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    I'm not using a wedding planner... but then again I plan parties for a living so for me this isn't too hard. I do hear that TH&CO Events is really good. You might check with them. But I don't know what their pricing is like.

    I'm personally in love with the Mackey House. They're website doesn't do them justice. It really is a beautiful location with fabulous grounds.

    The Savannah Station is nice however it in real close proximity to the freeway and I think it's kind of hard to get to. But it is very nice.

    For something that's more "water/beach" without the uncomfortable sand in everyone's shoes - Bonna Bella Yatch Club has a nice set up on the water. It's casual though - well, I guess it's all in what you make it.

    Those are just a few ideas. I know there are plenty of other people here who have great ideas too! Hope this helps!
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