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Bridal shower or no?

Hi Knotties,
So here's the situation.  I am a 35yo bride and my fiancee and I basically have a complete house.  I told my MOH that I didn't feel like I needed a shower because it would be the same women as at my bachlorette party.  Am I missing out on the fun?  I have also been told that it would be nice to include people more (I have a hard time asking others to do things for me).  Is a shower something that others really want to do?

Any thoughts?

Re: Bridal shower or no?

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    I understand where you are coming from. I am 30 and FI and I pretty much have everything we need. However, we will have a shower and registering for upgraded items (nice linens, new dinner wear, ect). We also are planning to register for some non traditional things since we are pretty set on everything else.
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