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Nevada-Las Vegas

Masterpiece Cuisine and Suite info- HELP!!

Hi im based in the UK but im a Vegas bride to be!! We think we may have 40-50 guests and im soooo confused about which Suite to use any reccommendations to which is best to use for my number of guests along with using Masterpiece Cuisine. How much will masterpiece cuisine charge roughly for 40-50 guests and which food would people reccommend?

Re: Masterpiece Cuisine and Suite info- HELP!!

  • aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    What they charge depends on what you want to order.  I know in my case, Scott asked for my per-person budget, and sent me a quote for a package for food, beer, wine, and soda at exactly that price.  We ended up with food on the simpler side, but it was still really good, and since I gave a price lower than I was willing to spend (figuring it gave me room to negotiate), I ended up saving a lot of money that way.
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  • erinkay81erinkay81 member
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    I was quoted 1900 for a two hour bar with bartender and enough apps to feed a party of fifty. Hope this helps. We are also planning to use the Vista Suite at Mandalay Bay, partly due to the good reviews it got on this board.
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    I just got a quote from Scott for 50 and it was about 1100 ...just for food.  We are renting a car and will buy our own alcohol.  Scott can give you the name of a service they use if you want a bartender/ server (at least to clean up plates etc.)  I think it's about 20-25 per hour for them.  You can have the bartender come early to set up/get ice ... that may save you some money.

    Hope this helps, and congrats,

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    Hi All!!!
    thanks for all your comments they have been a great help! we were just looking at food, however i like the sound of the bar tender! (thanks @ahelmick) i will definately consider this option.
    Since i posted my question i have been in touch with Scott and he has been super helpful and i will defo be using him for my catering now!
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