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Cakes by Naomi - Jackson Hole

Has anyone heard of her?  She's got more affordable prices.  One of the weddings she made a cake for was on StyleMePretty.com.  She said she has international awards, but her emails are so poorly written - misspellings, no punctuation, bad format.  It's a turn off, honestly! 

Just seeing if anyone has input...

Re: Cakes by Naomi - Jackson Hole

  • Gina-
    You are from Utah, getting married in Jackson? ME TOO! Where in Utah?
    I am having the hardest time finding vendors and would love to talk.... I have NO idea how to find a good florist, hope your wedding plans are going well!! Where are you getting married!! Good luck
  • ginadogginadog member
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    I am in Utah!  Logan!  Where are you?

    I have TONS of info.  Private Message me your email if you want!

    Is August 11, 2012 your date?  I see it's Linn Canyon Ranch!  Do you care to share what the pricing was?  I so want to have my dog there and they allow dogs.  Dornan's does not.  But I also wanted to be looking at the Tetons!

    I have only collected flower shops websites/info and having began the pricing yet (was working on cakes currently).  Seriously I don't spend $500 on flowers that I can't even take home!
  • Not for everyone, but I paid $125 for 5 bouquets at Albertsons. They were slightly different than what I pictured, but they were really nice and lots of people commented on them. Albertsons will also order loose flowers for you if you want to make your own arrangements. I didn't do floral centerpieces, I made them to save money.

    I have no experience with Naomi and had a hard time finding reviews when I just searched. Definitely make sure you have a tasting and see lots of actual pictures of cakes she has made. 

    Linn Canyon is a GREAT place for a wedding. Friends who had their wedding there have been really happy with it. I thought about it but it was out of my price range.
  • I am hoping to do everything from Logan via email, so no tastings, etc. 

    I talked to Albertsons about the cakes and they were not helpful at all!  Like I was bugging them!  Plus they don't do email so how would I show them a photo of what I want?  The prices were good however. 

    I haven't called the Albertsons florist yet (still trying to gather pictures), but I hope it goes a little better than the bakery department.  I need one bouquet and then 18 mason jars of flowers (sans the mason jars).  Heck I will even wrap one of those centerpieces's stems in ribbon and call that my bouquet!

    "paid $125 for 5 bouquets at Albertsons"

    That's pretty good!  I hope the bundled centerpiece flowers are a little cheaper though!
  • Gina where is the place you are getting married/date?
    The Linn Canyon was 2000 for the site. And then you have to bring in vendors for everything else!! That part has been hard.
    Do you have any other recommendations for florist? Cakes? Do you have a DJ?

  • It would have been cheaper if I put the bouquets together myself, so yes the loose flowers would be cheaper. I planned on doing them myself, but they came in under my budget, so I let them take 1 thing off my hands!

    My photographer, Ashley Wilkerson, used Albertson's for her cake but was able to talk to them locally. She said it was pretty and good. That's lame that they are not being helpful. I did find the floral dept. to be very helpful but they had a little bit of turnover in staff during the process, which was frustrating. 

    Lisa Miller at Shades Cafe did my cake and she is AMAZING. If you can't do a tasting, I can confidently tell you that anything she makes will taste good and be beautiful. 

    We didn't have a DJ, but Rocky Vertone/Four4 Productions is good. He did my brother's wedding & it was a lot of fun. 
  • Gina where is the place you are getting married/date?
    The Linn Canyon was 2000 for the site. And then you have to bring in vendors for everything else!! That part has been hard.
    Do you have any other recommendations for florist? Cakes? Do you have a DJ?

    Ah!  That was my line in the sand.  I really preferred somewhere that had it all right there for me.

    We're going with  Dornan's on 7/14/2012.  I just have to find flowers (they even provide mason jars), a cake, add my personal decor and figure out music.  All the rest is right there.  Have not decided on DJ or iPod (which she includes iPod speakers).

    Here is my Flower Research List!  I have only emailed the first one so far.  I'm scared to get the estimate!

    Briar Rose Flowers & Gifts
    1350 S Hwy 89
    Jackson, WY 83001

    Char-Ral Floral
    PO Box 1084
    Jackson, WY 83001

    Creative Botanicals
    PO Box 6984, Jackson, WY 83002
    220 S Gros Ventre St, Jackson, WY 83001

    Flower Hardware
    Cecelia Heffernan
    3445 North Pines Way, Space 103
    Wilson, Wyoming 83014

    Gild the Lily Too
    PO Box 8265
    Jackson, WY 83002

    Inner Forest Flowers
    1325 S Hwy 89, Suite 101
    Eagle Village in Smith’s Plaza
    Jackson, WY 83001

    Lily & Co.
    95 West Deloney
    Jackson,WY 83001

    Marigold Floral Studio
    1200 Gregory Lane #1, Bldg #2
    Jackson, WY 83001

    MD Nursery and Landscaping, Inc.
    243 S Hwy 33
    Driggs, ID 83422

    Mille Fleurs
    7899 Mountain Shadows Way
    Victor, ID 83455

    Teton Flower Co.
    PO Box 645
    Victor, ID 83455

    Here is my Cake Research List:

    Rick McLaughlin (no info)

    Jeff Raymond of the Blue Lion Restaurant

    Lisa Miller
    Shades Café
    75 S King St, Jackson, WY 83001

    Atelier Ortega
    225 North Cache
    Jackson, WY 83001
    (307) 734-6400
    Coco Love

    105 Buffalo Way
    Jackson, WY 83001
    (307) 733-5950

    Works for Teton Mountain Lodge
    $4-7/per person

    Jackson Cake Company
    P.O. Box 1863
    Wilson, WY  83014
    $250 minimum
    $250 deposit
    most basic cakes being $8/slice
    recommend budgeting $10-15/slice with all elements (set up tax, cake rental, delivery)
    6 month adavnace booking on average

    Wild Flour Bakery
    1410 Gregory Ln, Jackson, WY, 83001

    Cakes by Naomi
    PO Box 14613
    Jackson, WY 83002
    (307) 699-3589

    Jackson Whole Grocer
    974 W. Broadway, Jackson, WY, 83001

    I did email with Lisa Miller.  A bit out of my range for a basic looking cake, or maybe I'm in denial about how much this cake is going to cost me!  Jaclyn was cheaper, Naomi even cheaper, Albertons the cheapest.
  • In Response to Re: Cakes by Naomi - Jackson Hole:
    [I know the mexican chocolatier makes the most delicious stuff. and so pretty. four4 productions is a great DJ company, Briar Rose is a good florist as well. if you are getting married in Jackson I would not go with the florists in Victor or Driggs, since they are on the other side of the pass, logistacally might be hard, but I can guarantee  they will be cheaper. 
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