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Vow renewal under $20k??

DH and I were married last spring in a small courthouse wedding. We started talking about having a large vow renewal/anniversay party in a few years.  Since the budget was the reason we had to do a courthouse wedding (and our huge guest list) we want to start looking into places soon so that we just pay it off slowly at a rate we're more comfortable with We really don't want to go over $20k but sould like to stay between $15-$18k. we have about 175 people to invite. Is this budget realistic and can you please sugeest places we can start to look at that will give us about $65pp to $80 pp before tax and tip??? this would be for a a saturday night preferably!  also will halls work with us and this budget so far in advance??? we want to have timw to pay it off...we're like 3 years away!
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Re: Vow renewal under $20k??

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    You might be able to find it the winter, but you're going to be very hard pressed to find a catering hall on a Saturday night for that price.  What type of venue are you looking for?

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    Check out Ariana Waterfall Catering and Mediterranean Manor - they both offer packages that include DJ, Photo, Video, and food and open bar, for around $10K.  I am not sure how big they are, but they are definitely in your price range.

    Also, a friend of mine booked most of her wedding two years in advance, and none of her vendors seemed to have a problem with it, so I think you probably could at least start talking to venues this early.
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    since you're already married (and will be for much longer at that point) have you considered renting out a restuaurant for the event? sicne you're not having a wedding reception having it in a venue that is for them might not be the most cost effective idea.
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    Your budget might be realistic if you are willing to compromise the Saturday night time. Saturday nights are the most expensive (some places were almost double what they quoted for Friday or Sunday), and some of the places that I went to have a policy of needing to guarantee at least 200 people for a Saturday night.

    My advice? Think about Friday night or Sunday afternoon/night. Also think of "off-peak" times of year.

    We are having our wedding on a Sunday afternoon in July. It was by far the most cost conscious solution. Also, the night wedding receptions can start very, very late. The places that I went to had the reception starting at like 8 PM, with dinner being served at around 10. I didn't even consider it. I know that my mother and grandmother, etc. would not enjoy themselves if they were served dinner at 10 PM.

    My cousin got married on a Sunday afternoon this past summer. It was really lovely. My fiance and I enjoyed it very much, and we decided that given the cost and the atmosphere, it was the way to go.
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