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e-party favors?

Our Story--- My mom is having an "upscale" cook out for us in her beautiful back yard in NH this July. We are inviting about 75 people and figuring on about 50. We are not getting married for a few more years. FI and I are very involved in the planning of this because it is my 2nd wedding and I got steamrolled on my 1st (long story), so my Mom wants to make sure that FI and I have things the way that we want them. FI is insisting on chipping in for the costs because he does not want to burdon my mother even though she volunteered. Anyhow we are going with our wedding theme toned down. Tropical. Our colors are Tiffany Blue and Sand.

So here is my question... should we have favors?? What should we do? I like to try to make things myself but I am currently a "single" mom (FI lives 75 miles away due to work) and I work and run a cupcake business on the side. What can I make that would be simple and nice... but not cheezy and thrown together. I want to make it look classy, yet still personal. Ill take any ideas, please!! I am totally drawing a blank!


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