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January Bridal shows?!

Alright, this is my first post....So tomorrow will be 18 months out from our wedding date. There is a huge bridal expo this january where I live. Do ya'll think that it is still too early to go to the shows?
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Re: January Bridal shows?!

  • I don't think so. Never too early to get ideas about what you want or to accumulate a list of options for your photographter, florist, ect.
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    I personally don't think so. I'm having my wedding in 2014 as well and plan on going to a couple bridal fairs in the new year. I went to one with my best friend earlier this year as she's getting married next year and i'm her maid of honor and i was grabbing pamphlets and stuff to get ideas for my own. In my opion it's never to early to get a jump start on planning, ideas and what you may like and these fairs are a really big help i find. So i'd say go for it and have fun :) I loved going to the one so i can't wait to go to more. 

    ETA: Just realized your wedding is July 12th, just like mine! 
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  • I am also planning a 7/12/14 wedding!!  sounds like we all picked a special day!!

    I do not think it's too early at all - I am going to a bridal expo in a couple weeks, and then another one in February!

    As LizM said, it's just a fun event where you can get ideas, and anytime after you get engaged is a good time to do that!  Personally, I plan on getting my venue booked within the next two months and then the officiant, photographer, and dj all booked by the summer (but things in my area, Boston's north shore, get booked up quickly, so I have to move fast).  So for me, this is the perfect time to browse the expos.

    Good luck with the wedding planning!!

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