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Question - So for certain reasons we are going to try to get married on the hush, like in 1 month, then have our "shabang" next year like originally planned. I already have my dress  and the spot to be married, just looking for someone to officate the wedding vows, to make it legal on paper. We already live together for 3 years and have children together. I currently have them all on my insurance but new policy isn't the household its the spouse and legal step children. Any suggestions? Location is St Mary's County. Thanks

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    Eek...very bad idea.  Get married now if that is what you want but don't pretend and lie to everyone you know.  What if they found out a few months from now or after your big  "shabang" next year.  If I were a guest I would be pretty pissed.  And like PP said, an officiant will not marry you again when you are already married.

    You have to realize that you only get a real wedding once.  It may not be exactly how you always envisioned it to be but that's life.

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    Contact Rev. Rebecca Skidmore.  She did the extact same thing for us and it was great.  If her website is the same it is
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    rev starlene joyner burns 202 253 3629. tell her nicole and dellin(the mayflower hotel) referred you
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