make-up tips?

I don't want to hire someone to do my make up for my wedding. I'm thinking of having a friend do it. I'm no good with make up (I usually wear very minimal make up). I have very dark eyes so I don't want a lot of heavy eye make up. I want a natural look, but something that will stay all night and look good for pictures. Any tips/advice on DIY make up??  Thanks!

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    Don't use highlighters because in your pictures you will look greasy. 

    Use waterproof mascara and natural make up. Don't use tons of blush. I've heard white HD powders look white in photos.  Use matte make up without a lot of shimmer
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    PS. Try Urban Decay All Nighter Spray. It works great at getting make up to hold. Also use primers to help it hold as well.
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    I agree with the primers. Urban Decay's primer's are the best!! And Too Faced has an awesome eyeshadow primer and lip primer.
    A suggestion is to maybe go into Macys and go to one of the makeup counters for a quick session. Not sure how much each brand charges, I've only done MAC and they charge $50 (last time I went), but you could use that $50 towards products. Other brands may not charge.. not sure. But that way, they can give you tips and what not.
    Another suggestion is YOUTUBE! They have tutorials on just about EVERYTHING! =)

    Good luck!
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    PPs gave great advice.  My input:

    1) Airbrush foundation
    2) False lashes -- individuals, not strips
    3) Waterproof mascara

    Also, do your makeup trial and have someone that knows something about photos take your pictures -- complete with flash, proper lighting, etc so you can be sure you like the result before the real day.
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    great tips, thanks everyone!
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    You're welcome ;) I loved this, I used this tutorial for my own wedding :D
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