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Wedding dress closeouts/sales

My little sister just got engaged and has a tight budget.  Can anyone recommend a good place to start looking at wedding dresses in LA or Orange County (not david's bridal, etc. and not Mon Ami).  I got my dress from a store in downtown LA years ago that was closing down, so it was a GREAT deal.  Anything like this around now?
Thanks so much!

Re: Wedding dress closeouts/sales

  • Try Jinny's Bridal in Huntington Beach. I got my dress there for under $1,000
  • I just was about to post about where I got my dress!
    I went to this gown sale in Laguna Hills... it's called Fabulous Affordable Bridal.
    They were in this hotel ballroom and had like 200 gowns. The prices were between $100-$1,200. I got my gown there for $695. It's a Jasmine gown!!! It was so much fun! I was scared because I thought there'd be brides fighting over dresses but it was really chill. I liked them on Facebook and they gave me a free veil!

    They are having another LA show at the Biltmore this weekend!
    The info is on their website

    Only word of caution, at the shows the dressing rooms are shared so wear underwear LOL
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