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I'm Bad...

So I was online looking at a friends' registry and was noticing how much stuff they had on there and went to pull up ours to compare and noticed a few new things were purchased including our plate set (it comes with 4 settings and we registered for 2 of them).  I am so happy because they don't haven't in any of the stores near us and we really want it. 

so shame on me for registry stalking, but yay that we are getting some of our plates!!

Re: I'm Bad...

  • I'm guilty of this too! I knew every gift that I got at my bridal shower which takes the fun out of it but I just couldn't help it!
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  • My registry sends me an email that says 'A GIFT IS ON IT'S WAY!' :/ Guilty as charged. Lol
  • I told myself I wasn't going to registry stalk--but I do sometimes anyway!
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  • I'm guilty as well!
    I just can't help it! I get so excited when I see something has been purchased!
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  • Thanks for reminding me!!  I did pretty well not registry stalking before the shower, in order to have an honest to goodness excited feeling/ expression when I opened everyone's gifts.  But now that we're not opening them in front of anyone, I don't feel there is any reason not to stalk!
  • I am sooooo very guilty of it... though I did abstain from checking the week leading up to my shower.  FH thinks I shouldn't look because it will ruin the surprise, what surprise?  I picked out all this stuff!
  • I tried not to but I just couldn't help my lself.  I actually looked at my regristry before my bridal shower and there was one gift on there someone got but I didn't get lol. I'm so curious now!
  • I try not to registry stalk but its so hard sometimes! :)
  • I registry stalk all the time!

    I didn't look the two weeks before the shower, but I definitely have since then.  No one has bought any of our towels or pots & pans.  :(  I really hope there's some more buying going on in the next couple weeks!
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