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Another party?

I'm my MOH's MOH for her wedding in June, mine is in May. Her family in Pennsylvania is throwing her a bridal shower in April which I am unable to attend and her church is throwing her a bridal shower in May. Everything is being taken care of by other people and I feel like I am not doing enough, she has put a lot of input into my shower and helping me make decisions. I offer to help with anything and she said everyone has it all under control. Should I throw her another party? All friends and family have been invited to one of the other, I am thinking of throwing her a batchelorette party but I'm not sure when as I have a lot on my plate from my wedding and those expenses. 
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Re: Another party?

  • You certainly aren't obligated to throw her any kind of party.  You can show her your appreciation for what she's done for you at your bridesmaid's brunch/dinner/etc., when you thank your BMs individually and usually present them with a personal gift (everyone says shop like it's their birthday; avoid wedding-related gifts).  
    If you do want to throw her a bachelorette party, nail down your budget right away.  You could host something really simple that doesn't involve a lot of pre-planning (you're busy enough as it is), like a night bar-hopping or even a girls' night in with pizza, booze, and wedding-themed movies.  
  • Ditto Missfrodo.

    A great idea for not a lot of planning party idea is to do a group activity.  I went to a shower recently where she had someone from a burlesque class come in and teach us some moves.  You could do that with a lot of places, and they may give you a break on price if you give them the opportunity to plug their school/class/services.  My sister found a groupon for a pole dancing class and used that for her best friend's bachelorette party.  They talked the place where the lesson was held into letting them have snacks in one of their back rooms then went out bar hopping.

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