June 2013 Weddings


I didnt know people were starting to plan.... i thought i was crazy for even thinking about weddings...
 I been having wedding fever lately with all the weddings i been going to...
 Anyways i believe we are planning  for 6.8.13 :)

 Im new to this.....lol :)

Re: wow

  • I know what you mean! My fiance's sister just got married in August, one of my best friends also got married in August, another friend is getting married in March, and there will be about 3 more weddings in 2012.  hahah I have had extreme wedding fever, so don't think you're the only one out there.
  • im glad im not alone! lol...
     So, your  date is 6/29/13??

     Cute!!! have u planned anything yet or no?
      lol im scared to "plan"
  • Yes, that's our day!! :) Nothing is planned yet. lol We probably won't start planning until the summer, I'm in school full time and working and my fiance is a school teacher so during the school year we don't have much time to plan. But this summer we plan on checking out some reception venues (hopefully reserving one!)  and reserving the church. Once 2012 comes around then the major planning will start (djs, photography, flowers... etc...) and of course dress shopping!!! lol I don't want to do anything too early, I'm afraid I might like something one minute, and then change my mind because I found something better. lol
  • i so agree!!!!!!!!!! we havent planned anything at all... helll he hasnt even asked me yet but he said 6.8.13 he wants to get married so soon i think he will . my bf is a cop:)

    i dont think we will start untill 2012 ??lol   

    im so excited though..
     but have 3 weddings next year and one in 2012
  • lol I know what you mean! My fiance and I knew we wanted to get married and this summer he had asked me, but he hadn't gotten the blessing from my parents, but he finally did a few days ago!!! :) We kept it hidden for so long. lol I can't wait to start planning! I'm so excited ! hahah :) I found out the other day that I have ANOTHER wedding to go to! A cousin of mine just got engaged last weekend. lol I can't believe it!
  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwww so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  we should forsure keep in touch! yeah i havee 3 weddings next year and im in my best friends wedding in 2012! lol
  • I just got engaged  a week ago and I thought I was the only one waiting until 2013!! I am so glad that is not the case! 
  • congrats!!!!!!!!!!! yes very exciting!!!!!! :)
  • I got engaged recently too! I'm a full time student working on my masters degree and we decided it would just be easier to wait till I'm completely done, thats how we decided on 2013. i'm super excited, but I get looks like I'm crazy when ever I talk wedding plans so i haven't really done too much
  • That's exactly what I'm doing, finishing up school. hahah I have 1 more year for my undergrad (i'll be finished in Jan. 2012) and will work the next year and a half after that on my grad. So i'll be graduating with my masters in may 2013 and getting married in june 2013. hahah I think that's the best thing to do and meanwhile we are saving up money so we really can have the wedding of our dreams. :)
  • P.S. from new york :)
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