Newly Engaged! Help with Wedding/Reception Cheap Venues

Im new at this because I just got engaged and will be married Dec 2012! We are trying to keep this wedding as inexpensive as possible and would like to have the ceremony and reception at one location. We are looking for the venue in the PG County area ( not too far south). Also if you could offer any advice with spending as less as possible but keeping it elegant. Thanks!

Re: Newly Engaged! Help with Wedding/Reception Cheap Venues

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    I would also note that if you are looking for the most economical option possible to consider a date/time other than a Saturday evening. jacol13 also makes a good point to limit your guest count as much as possible.

    Best of luck with everything!
  • Thanks! I just figured out how to get back to this page to reply! I have been checking with PG Parks and Rec and I think we will go that route. Very reasonalble and spacious. We plan to have around 140 guests. Weve pretty much found a caterer now I need to figure out how to ensure we have servers and a cleanup crew. I am pretty much planning myself to keep the cost way down but I dont want to work extra hard to help setup/cleanup.
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