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  • Haven't read all the way through, but saw your initial request and the answer is YES. Yes you may call upon them. They fight evil doers with their horns of (painful) justice. Buttholes beware.
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  • Ohhh girls like that irk me. But she will look like the silly one when people assume they are dating because she didn't say they weren't, and then they realize- wait, she must not be dating him because there is no relationship change or anymore pictures... and if you eventually change your status with him, then they'll just think she's sad!
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  • If one of my friends posted a pic of her and a boy, I'd be asking, too, so I don't think it's unreasonable for her friends to be asking for details or whatever.

    SHE just looks like a dumbass.

    This is something to get annoyed about for 2 seconds and then laugh about, b/c it's really just sad.

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