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My fiancee and I are getting married next June (2011) and I'm looking for a creative favor theme idea.  He's an Electrcian, and I kinda wanted to do a play on that with a "love struck" theme for the wedding.  I'm thinking about fitting lightning or sparks somehow into the favors.  I thought about sparklers, but I'm not sure.  I was wondering if anyone has any ideas that could help me?



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    You could do pop rocks and come up with a creative saying.  They do "spark" in your mouth.
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    Cookies in the shape of lightning bolts in any flavor you like and decorated however you like.

    Or for each guest you could do three cookies in a bag: one cookie in the shape of a heart and two cookies in the shape of a lightning bolt (one with your name on it and one with his name on it).  And maybe the heart cookie could say "Love Struck."

    You could also do mini night-lights?  Though I'm not sure many people would use them.

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    Thanks everyone!  Love the ideas, Peaches - I like the cookie idea! It's really cute!  Thank you!
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