Broach Bouquet - trouble..

I'm having the hardest time trying to make my own broach bouquet!! The YouTube video made it look so easy! LOL Embarassed Since we are paying for everything ourselves, I purchased the fake roses at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off. They are those ones that look and feel real.. and I have my broaches. I don't know if they are just maybe too big? But I have doubled my wire when I put them in and try to 'wrap' them and it just never looks right. I have to keep my bouquet tight or the broaches fall ..but then my bouquet seems tiny! Any suggestions would be great.

Re: Broach Bouquet - trouble..

  • could be the brooches are to big or too heavy... read this hope it helps
  • You should post this on the DIY board.  They have a lot of experience with this
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  • put your flowers together in the size of bouquet you want to hold.when you are satisfied with the size,  take a pipecleaner(chenille stem) and use that around the stems to hold them temporarily together. You will need about an 18 gauge wire to attach your brooches . after you get the wires attached to the brooches, hold the whole bouquet in your hand, remove the chenille stem and "poke" /"thread" the brooches into the bouquet. when you have them all inserted reuse your chenille stem to hold everything in place.

    the trick is to 1-assemble the bouquet first
                         2-use a thick enough wire to suport the brooches
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