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I've never hired a photographer or a professional make up artists, etc... before. So I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what the usual tips/gratuities are like for vendors?

Re: Tips/Gratuity?

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    I've heard that if they own their own business they dont get a tip but if they work for a business then you tip them. I'm not tipping my photographer (works for themself) but I am tipping my MUA as she is coming to us
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    I will tip my make-up artist and hairstylist whether it is their business or not.
    I am not sure of the photographer, but I think probably not.

    I plan on also tipping the band, drivers, caterer (incl. in price), and chauffer.

  • Personally, I think that tipping ALL of your service providers (whether they own their own business or not) is good form. Of course, some people are just on such a strict budget that it's absolutely not possible... but if you can afford it, even $50 per vendor goes a long way to show your appreciation.
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