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Being spontaneous!!!

FI requested I clear our schedule for the weekend bc Saturday were getting up, packing a bag and hitting the road. No destination in mind, taking the iPad for lodging help if needed though. Just gonna take this fwy or that one and where we end up is where we end up.

He keeps saying "we may end up in Oakland" so I dunno if he has that in mind or not.

Anything we need that we don't have, we go buy.

I made him promise we don't go SOUTH bc that'll end us up in Tijuana in like 4 hours. He agreed, kinda.

Kinda anxious to see where we end up. I told him we have to be home by 8pm Sunday as that's when the kids return from their weekend at their bio-dads.

Re: Being spontaneous!!!

  • Sounds like a lot of fun!  I love road trips!
  • That is awesome! I love those trips! :-)

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  • Sounds fun! You should stop at touristy things you see along the way and make sure to take pictures. 
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  • That sounds awesome!  I'm not sure my planning mind could handle that but I think it is really cool that you are doing that! 
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    [QUOTE]That sounds awesome!  I'm not sure my planning mind could handle that but I think it is really cool that you are doing that! 
    Posted by ravenray[/QUOTE]

    Mine is going crazy!!! I'm so anal on trips, list upon list. I've already started our HM packing lost. But then again that'll be a week on a boat where forgetting your tooth brush will cost you $15. ;-)

    FI is an over packer and very thorough. Not sure how HE is gonna handle it.

    Praying we can do it.... I finally got excited and the dr told him to take it easy if need be. He's been home sick all week, getting daily injections, lots of Meds. He went back to work today and said he's fine other than his voice going in and out all the time.
  • Have fun - those are the best kind of road trips.
  • YAY!!! So FI woke me up at 330am with a hard nudge (ya know enough to make sure your awake yet an oops did I wake you moment???) to say "maybe we can head towards Santa Barbara". Clearly the "get In the car and just drive" was stressing out his OCD mind lol Half way through my shift today I switched to my brace to see if I could handle it. Had to sit down a few times but I survived. Laundry is finishing and I've started packing.... So excited for our last US weekend before the wedding.
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