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Flowers for Buffalo Wedding

Hey ladies!

I'm not sure if anyone can help me with this, but does anyone know the average cost of a florist for a wedding in the Buffalo area? I'm getting married August 10th of this year. The ceremony will be at the waterfront by Templeton Landing and the reception will be at the Hotel Lafayette. I was thinking of using Woyshners because they have a store in the hotel. I was going to use only flowers that are in season. I have 4 bridesmaids, not doing boutonnieres or corsages. I have 20 tables for centerpieces. I wasn't thinking of doing anything fancy. I know the price depends on what you pick out, but if anyone has any tips or recommendations I would appreciate it!

Re: Flowers for Buffalo Wedding

  • I am doing only bouquets (5 bridesmaids and me) and that came to abt. $500. I think it's the 20 centerpieces that might be your big $$.

    I was looking at a list of traditional florists in the area, and people kept, instead, recommending Dash's Markets to me, over and over -- other brides, co-workers, and even the people at Men's Wearhouse. It seemed an odd choice, but I went to the E Amherst store and the woman there was fantastic. So friendly and helpful!
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  • I think my flowers were around ~1000 and that seems average to me. I can recommend Lipanoga Florist in Clarence. They were super friendly and helpful. Good luck.
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  • Thanks everyone!  I might reconsider flowers at centerpieces.  I've also heard good things about Dash's.
  • Mine were around $1000 and that was without floral centerpieces or much in the way of church decorations.  I used all garden roses, which were in season, but flowers are still always a little pricey.  Since it was more important to me to spend our budget in other areas, we went without floral centerpieces and just got rose petals from the florist instead. For our centerpieces we used silver lanterns on some tables and glass hurricanes on others--on both we had rose petals sprinkled over.  We bought the lanterns ourselves from Ikea, but we borrowed the hurricanes from the Lafayette, which was also where we had our reception. Let me know if you want to see pictures. I was happy with how our centerpieces came out and it saved a lot of money.

    Good luck! :)

  • I used Maureen's Wholesale Flower Shop downtown.  She's at some of the bridal shows, and I would reccomend talking to her.  We did my bouquet, 3 BM, single roses for moms, corsages for grandmas, and about 8 pew flower arrangments for under $600.  I re-used the ceremony decor at the reception, and put the mom's flowers on the guestbook table, mine and the girls flowers on the head table and I used fake flowers underneath upside down wine glasses for the centerpieces.  saved us a TON of money.

    maureen was awesome to work with. I showed her a photo of mine and the girls dresses, gave her the locations, and she said "ill be right back". 10 minutes later she returned with a small bouquet that PERFECTLY fit what I wanted....without me even knowing what i wanted ahead of time! =)  we had roses, babys breath, ivy and white lillies.  my bouquet also had a few white orchids.  not the cheapest combination, but boy was it pretty!
  • My sister used Lipinoga a few years ago and her flowers were beautiful, they also did a co-workers wedding this past summer and hers were beautiful too.  I havent booked anyone yet seeing as I just got engaged, but I already know I'll be calling them!  

    As far as price, I don't recall exactly, but I know the price was far better than anywhere else she looked, and honestly, it wasn't even a real comparison, seeing as in my opinion their bouquets look so much prettier than any of the other places she looked.  

    I just got engaged, so I've been working on this budget stuff, I found this helpful site:  

    It says the average for flowers in Erie County is $1,400, but I think it depends on what you are doing.  I've been having a hard time comparing to averages.  I know my sister and co-worker both spent less than this.  
  • We used A Blooming Place and had a great experience. Our flowers and aisle runner were less than $500 (we didn't have floral centerpieces, though). 
  • We have booked our flowers with Wegmans, after a recommendation from our friends who used them. We got 5 bridesmaid bouquets, 5 groomsmen bouts, 2 fathers bouts, 3 mothers corsages, 1 grandmother, my bouquet, flowers for the ceremony and an extra arrangement for the reception and that was $900. I figure that was pretty reasonable for everything we ordered.
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  • I am using Woysners for my wedding in September. He was about $400 less than the other florists I went to. And I really liked him because he brought out the flowers and showed me exactly what they would look like and then showed me sizes for my bouquets! Good luck!
  • I recommend, Flourish.  I've found positive reviews and the pricing is great. 

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