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Cape Cod Beach/Waterfront Wedding-150 people

Hi! I am new to the Knot and just recently got engaged. We are planning a 2014 summer/fall wedding for about 150 people and a budget of about $30K total (so probably about $20K for venue, food and open bar). Any suggestions on nice beach/waterfront venues at the Cape that would be affordable but still nice (and also do beach/WF ceremony)? So far, I am considering the following venues, but I have not visited any of them yet:

- Flying Bridge
- Falmouth Yacht Club (may be too small)
- Dennis Inn
- Corsair & Cross Rip

Does anyone have any experience with any of these locations or have any other suggestions?

Thank you!

Re: Cape Cod Beach/Waterfront Wedding-150 people

  • Congratulations!!  I'm also a summer 2014 Cape bride.  I'm getting married at the Popponesset in Mashpee, which is right on the beach, but would be likely over your budget for 150 people...although they offer a better deal for off-season (e.g. if you went for the fall).

    I'm not sure on pricing for the Sea Crest in Falmouth, but that's another possibility.  I wanted to visit there but they didn't have my dates available.  Other waterfront places that might be in your budget include Orleans Waterfront Inn, Harbor Point, Lighthouse Inn, Captain Linnell House (beach is 1/4 mi away), The Beachmoor (Buzzards Bay), Nauticus Marina... I didn't check all of these out so I can't personally vouch for price/quality.

    FYI the Dennis Inn is not waterfront.  I visited it and really liked it - it's "Cape-y" despite not being on the water and it's probably in your price range.  Apparently the beach is very close so you could feasibly do a beach ceremony and shuttle your guests back to the Inn.

    I also visited the Flying Bridge, which a lot of people on this board seem to like, but it just wasn't my style.

    Let me know if you have questions!!
  • I got married at the Flying Bridge in sept 2011. HIGHLY recommend them! They were amazing to work with, so reliable and helpful. The food was INCREDIBLE. I was really nervous about the food since they don't do "tastings", but everyone raved about it. They had just recently renovated their function room shortly before we got married, which they really needed to do and it's beautiful. It's the perfect cape cod casual but still formal enough for a wedding. The only thing that I would ever complain about, would be that it's not air conditioned. But luckily, we had a beautiful september night and it cooled down a lot by the time the party got rolling.

    We didn't have our ceremony on site, but the place where they hold their ceremonies is beautiful. I took a ton of pictures when I visited them before we sent our deposit in, and i'd be more than happy to email them to you if you're interested.
  • The Dennis Inn is not waterfront, but very close to Corporation Beach, if you wanted a beach ceremony. I was married there in Sept and I can't say enough good things about every single person at the Dennis Inn. They were amazing and low key and just made everything so easy, especially since I was planning from Los Angeles. They also have a catering compeny called Treats if you decide to go somewhere that will need to be catered. i really can't recommend them enough.
  • Hi! The only thing I'd caution you about with the Falmouth Yacht Club is that they don't hold private events in the summer - but it would work for fall.
  • I visited the Falmouth Yacht Club and loved it.  But really - it's not big enough for 150 people.  The coordinator will probably try to convice you that it is, but it isn't.  We're only inviting 110 and decided there was no way that there was enough room for that many people (especially since we will have a DJ).  I was pretty disappointed because it is gorgeous, but I couldn't imagine stuffing my guests in a tiny space, especially with the wide range of ages that will be in attendance (grandparents, young kids, and crazy college friends).
  • I got married at the Sea Crest in Falmouth. I happened to get lucky with pricing because it was the first year after their renovation, so I had locked in pricing from the year before already. My best advice no matter where you look is don't ask them what they have available and what they charge. Go in there knowing what you want and tell them and then say and this is how much I am willing to spend...are you willing to work with my budget? Most of the time they will be willing to negotiate! That is another reason why we were able to have our dream wedding at the Sea Crest! Do you prefer to be upper Cape, Mid Cape, or Lower Cape. We looked at tons of places and I could give you other ideas, but Falmouth is a far way from Chatham so it all depends where you prefer to be!
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