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Response Card mistake

Hi Ladies so I made a mistake I just mailed my invitations out today and I forgot to number the back of the response/entree choice the response line.  Will they right back Mr. and Mrs. Smith or Mr. and Mrs. John Smith?? So worried all the entrees are going to be mixed up.

Re: Response Card mistake

  • You should have a line like this on your response cards: M_______________________

    This is where people write the names of those attending.  I, too, was planning to number the back of the cards, but I forgot.  Everyone wrote their name on their response card, so it ended up not being a big deal.  
  • Thank you!  I home it works out that way for me too!...
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    We numbered them but didn't have to worry as everyone wrote their names on it.  Chances are you'll be fine.  And if you're missing a few, check the envelope to see where it originated....this may clue you in.  Or wait until all the cards come in and see who you're missing and call them.
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