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What are some last min things

What are some last min things you have to do or you remembered to do the week of your wedding? Just trying to get an idea


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Re: What are some last min things

  • The marriage license! We had it on our radar, but one of my coworkers totally forgot. For us, the last week was really calm, but I think that was pure luck (and a lot of planning). Have fun and enjoy!
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    That is going to vary depending on what all you're doing and how much you finish sooner. For us, we had all of this:

    1. Marriage license
    2. Pick up gifts for the ring bearer
    3. Paint the trays we put the favors on
    4. Meet with the bakery one last time
    5. Give the table arrangement layout to the venue
    6. Buy a shirt and shoes for him
    7. Have his suit pressed
    8. Print signs explaining our guest book and escort cards and signs for the cupcake flavors
    9. Pick up friends and one family member from the airport
    10.Divide the escort "cards" (rocks) into baggies by alphabet to make it easier to set up the morning of
    11. Get his hair cut
    12. Make sure everything we needed was boxed up and ready to be transported to the venue
    13. Have the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

    My planning was fairly stress free until that last week. I was near tears and about to have my first Bridezilla moments in the 3 days before the wedding. 
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  • thanks i know it wont all be the same I have been getting  a lot done. I do know some last min things would be the scort cards, marriage lisence, centerpieces, rehearsal and dinner and just last min paying fpr things. Just feel there might be those random things you didnt even think of come up


    TTC starting 8/2014 :)

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  • -Confirming information & times w/vendors
    -Confirming information & times w/family & bridal party
    -Cleaning house (I wanted house to look nice, groomsmen were coming to our house to get ready & the next day we had to entertain a few out of town guests, we broke down & hired cleaning lady, worth every penny)
    -Picking up tux
    -Planning a little R&R time for me & husband (we went & got manicures & massages together the day before
    -Make sure everything set up for dog sitter while we were on honeymoon

  • During the last week, we confirmed times and places with all our vendors, as well as paid off any remaining deposits. Some didn't require the final deposit until the wedding day, but I did not want to have to deal with that on the actual day and paid ahead of time.

    We finalized the seating chart and completed escort cards.

    -Wrapped WP gifts in preparation of RD

    -Confirmed appts. with salon

    -Packed for HM and gathered travel docs

    -Got my day-of bag together with things like band aids, safety pins, etc.

    -Got a spray tan

    -Got nails and toes painted

    -Made sure to pack the marriage license!

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  • We had a backyard reception AND rehearsal dinner at my parents' house, so there was lots of cleaning, cooking, and decorating. Other last minute things were renting wine glasses, picking up the flowers and putting together the bridesmaid bouquets, putting a few decorations in the church, and arranging chairs and tables in the backyard. We also washed all of the cars that were used for transporting the WP and VIPs. Some outfits needed ironing and my brother shined shoes for all of the males in the family.
  • The lists above really are right on the money. I was thinking more of unplanned need-to-do's than anything else. One thing that I did NOT expect was the seating chart mayhem. We set up the chart, and then the reception hall came back with a different layout a few days before the wedding. Their layout was awesome, and that's what we went with (they're the professionals, after all), but it meant changing all of the tables (for instance, table 2 became table 6, etc.) and setting up the escort cards at the last minute. I would definitely see if you can get the suggested layout for the tables BEFOREHAND because you will save yourself about half a bottle of Advil and a few bottles of wine.
  • What really helped us was creating a Google Doc (now called Google Drive) , shared between the two of us, of things we needed to do. Once they were completed by either H or myself, we'd cross them off our list and put the date completed. As I crossed things off the list it made me feel better, but two weeks before the wedding our list seemed like a mile long. I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit stressed out.
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