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Looking for wedding venue

I am wanting to have an outdoor wedding with an indoor reception, however I dont want to spend over $1000 just to rent a place I dont have that kind of money. My family and I will do all decorating and food as I am very OCD . Any suggestions?

Re: Looking for wedding venue

  • I would post this question on your local board <-------------------.  this is an international board and im not sure of any venues in AL
  • I second posting on your local board. We looked at a lovely state park that sounds like what you are describing for $900, but it's in KY. The people on your local board will be able to give you more specific answers.

    One option would be to try out a public park for the ceremony and a vfw hall, community cener, or fire department for your reception. Those are usually universally inexpensive.

    When looking at places, make sure they will allow you to bring in your own food, and have the site long enough to set up and tear down decorations.

    Also, are you actually OCD? If you are, go ahead and ignore this. If you are not, it can be pretty offensive to use it to say you want control and are detail-oriented. Please be concious that using terms for legitimate and severe disorders so flippantly can be hurtful to those who actually suffer from/deal with them.
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  • I agree with the local board posting, but just some suggestions that I am sure every state has...... Local parks that have shelters or building rentals are always a good idea and the rental fee is usually pretty low! I am renting a gazebo and renovated barn in a wisconsin park for $171!!
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