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Rhode Island

Past Tower Brides-Entrance

With less than 2 months to go...the thought of making the entrance into the reception just hit me... What has everyone else done? 

Do you walk in from the back of the room & have to walk through everyones tables or do they allow the bridal party to use the staircase on the ocean side of the towers?

Re: Past Tower Brides-Entrance

  • Hi! I work at the Towers. Everyone walks down the aisle past the tables :)
  • Thank you so much!
  • Hi Kira!! Glad you were there on our wedding day :)

    WE walked past the tables. Its fun everyone is cheering and high fiving.
    We all waited behind the upstairs door near the elevator.

    I don't know where the bakc stairwell goes to...into the bridal suite?
    I don't remember seeing the bottom of that staircase when inside lol. Which I wish i had, i meant to take photos on it.
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