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I want to be PERFECT

well you guys a few months ago i started weight watchers...i only lost 5 pounds:... I ran into this lady who told me about these body wraps??!!.. i tried ONE!..the pack says results in 45 mins...i waited... and when i removed the wrap, i had lost 3 inches off my waist....this is MY STORY i immediately became hooked on all there products...i want to be the PERFECT bride. i now help other brides and grooms loose inches off there waist!!!... i feel pretty now i was a size 10 and im now a size 6 and i only wrapped twice AT HOME:....see for yourself and thank you for reading.... See all there results

Re: I want to be PERFECT

  • Did you not get the memo from the responses to you in the accountability thread?  No one wants to hear from you.

  • I want to be perfect too.  That's why I'm having myself made into a terminator.

    Everything the light touches is my kingdom.
  • In Response to Re:I want to be PERFECT:[QUOTE]You mean I'm not perfect unless I'm a size 6 bride? Posted by xcalygrl[/QUOTE]

    If you do a wrap, that would be size 2. Sweet!
  • WOW. So many things wrong here.

    I know I'm wasting my breath here, but OP do you realize how obnoxiously, unbelievably shallow you sound? You want to be PERFECT in terms of physical appearance for one day? How about striving for PERFECTION (however you choose to define it) in, I don't know, being a decent human being or developing healthy lifelong habits instead? Or heck, even PERFECTING your grammar and orthography?

    Seriously. Way to start of my Sunday morning by making me weep for humanity.

  • I'm already perfect. Or at least that's what my fiance tells me. So I'm good, thanks.

  • It's too bad - my husband already thinks I'm pretty perfect.  I'm sorry that you need a wrap and to lose a ton of weight for your fiance to feel the same.
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