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My future Mother-in-Law has gone crazy! She absolutely does not understand the word "NO". She has this crazy thought in her head that it is ok for her her cousin (whom I have only met twice) to throw my one and only bridal shower. She has cut my Mom out of the planning and isn't including either of my sisters or my bridal party even though I told her from the beginning that they have to be included. I have expressed my concerns with her about her cousin throwing the shower, but she just keeps telling me it will be fine and to not worry. I don't know this woman and I don't want her having anything to do with my shower if it means everyone who means something to me won't have a say (and they know me best anyway). When I went to my future Mother-in-Law she told me my shower wasn't about me anyway so I didn't have a say in any of it. What do I do?! Someone please help!!!

Re: Help?!

  • How is your bridal shower not about you? Does your mom or any of your bridesmaids want to throw you one? Honestly, you need to just confront her and say you appreciate the gesture of her cousin throwing you a shower, but you prefer your mom/bridesmaids take on the responsibility since they actually know you. 
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  • Why does it have to be your only shower? Why not have that shower for the Grooms side one have one of your bridesmaids throw you another shower?
  • You need to involove you FI in this, his mother's craziness= his problem, not yours.
  • I agree with both PP's. Have the one with the cousin for his side and let your side throw a sep one. I am also curious as to what your FI says about all of this...
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  • can't your bridal party and family throw you another shower too? The cousin probably thinks she is doing something nice for you. I would let her do her thing and then see if your bridal party will do another shower for those ppl that are closer to you.
  • I definitely don't think this needs to be your only shower. H and I have very different families and my MOH planned my shower so that families dind't have to be involved. Just talk to her. Sometimes you just have to shut people down as hard as it my seem. Look into having 2 showers and talkto your family about it.
  • i say 2 showers!
  • Good news! After a very long conversation with the FI, we came up with a battle plan on how to handle his mother. Just had to go at it in a very matter of fact, 'this is how it's going to work', kinda way. She teared up a little but she understood where I was coming from. These last few days have been a major breath of fresh air now that's off my shoulders. I just had to find my voice and learn to stand up to her and not let her walk all over me. Better late then never I guess.
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