Pre-marital counseling has been a bust so far...

So far, we have investigated several options for pre-marital counseling and each one has been a bust. (Mainly poor or no communication, ridiculous fees or a schedule conflict [my church has a prerequisite pre-marital course that starts three weeks AFTER the follow up course. Makes no sense)

 We've both been researching via the Internet and asking friends, family and coworkers for advice, but we keep hitting brick walls (mainly counselors who don't call back). Can anyone recommend a decent counselor in Maryland? I live in Bowie, which isn't too far from DC, so I'm happy to go to a counselor in the city too.

We don't have any special requirements, just someone experienced with helping engaged couples set up a good foundation for marriage.


Re: Pre-marital counseling has been a bust so far...

  • I would like to suggest that you check out Dr. Shane Perrault. He is located in Greenbelt, MD. Me and my fiance have just started seeing him and have been very pleased. Note: My fiance is not much of a talk about your feelings kind of guy but he has been very receptive to Dr. Perrault's approaches. Here is a link to his website:
  • Do you have medica insurance? I have Coventry Healthcare and their mental health benefits covers couples counseling so my fiance' and I are going to a gentleman in Catonsville, MD. That's a little far from Bowie, but if you check your health coverage they may have someone available that would just cost the amount of your co-pay.
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