Tiered Cake with 1 Edible Tier


I'm looking for a bakery near Annapolis, MD who makes tiered cakes, but has 1 edible tier while the others are fake. We would serve a sheet cake for our guests to eat that will be cut in the back.

Anyone have any recommendations? 

Thanks in advance!

Re: Tiered Cake with 1 Edible Tier

  • Most places would do this, but in the end it may not save you as much money as you think. The decorating is what is most labor intensive when making a wedding cake, so you would still end up paying for the time it takes to decorate the fake tiers.
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  • Absolutely a silly idea.  Buy a small, tiered, edible cake, and sheet cakes, or buy sheet cakes and a single tier for display, or buy a big, tiered, edible cake and serve that.  The way to save money is to serve sheet cake and display a single tier.  If you pay a pastry chef to decorate multiple inedible layers, you're saving nothing - or perhaps a few dollars at best.

    Try Caroline's Cakes.  Their cakes are delicious, they do tiers, they do buttercream frosting, they are reasonably priced, and based in Annapolis.
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