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Bach party worries..

So the trend has been joint co-ed bachelor/bachlorette parties around where I live but my FI and I decided to have seperate ones..he has a ton on cousins and friends  that are going while I'm only having my bridal party  for certain reasons..my friends live far away and can't attend.  My FI doesn't go out a lot..and when he gets drunk he can get out of control.  I'm just worried they are going to go to a strip club or who knows what...I don't want to be embarrased walking up the aisle in front of all of his cousins..does anyone have those worries??

Re: Bach party worries..

  • You should sit down with your FI and have a frank discussion about your expectations for your bachelor/bachelorette parties. If you don't feel comfortable with him going to strip club you should feel comfortable enough with him to say so.

    Also, why would you be embarassed walking down the aisle in front of his cousins?
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  • I agree with Kristbot...you really should have a talk with your FI about what you both expect from each other in regards to your b-parties. You also have to just trust him that no matter what they do, he wont do anything that will compromise your relationship. I have had many talks with my FI about his b-party & I have no problem with him going to a strip club (that is what a few of his GM want to do). Even if he does get wasted, his GM wont let him do anything irresponsible or anything that would compromise our relationship. & also, how can I tell him "no, you cant go to a strip club" when Im pretty sure somebody in my group will be having a male stripper come?! I cant. Im not too worried about it to be honest, as you really shouldnt be.
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  • You and your groom don't get to choose your own b-parties. Those are thrown for you by your friends as a gift. Well, H and I are lame, so mine was thrown by my mom and his by my dad, but we had fun. Anyway, you can of course veto things like strippers or barhopping if it's not your scene, but you need to wait for someone to offer you a party first. You cannot throw your own.
  • I wouldn't marry someone I didn't trust.
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    Thanks Ladies : )
  •  I am glad I came across this post.

    Our friends are doing out bachelor/bachelorette parties.  The only thing we are allowed to know was the date because we have so much going on we wanted to make sure we are available.  We had two requests for them.  The first request was that it be the same weekend because of the whole free weekend thing, we go our way and they go their way.  Second we had a bit of an issue with FI and male strippers.  He was not having it.  He didn't like the idea of it.  He stated male strippers are far more out there then the females are, which I honestly agree.  I have been to both and male strippers are just all over the girls, in between legs, touching, flipping, etc.  Mean while a female stripper dances, may even do a lap dance but the guy will get kicked out if they even so much as touch a stripper.  So although I was ok with him going to a strip club, we agreed no strippers. 

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  • I think we can agree going to a strip club and getting strippers.... are 2 different things. I am ok with FI going to a strip club but I am NOT ok with them getting strippers. Getting strippers means something totally different and way less rules... I unfortunatly cannot get an image out of my head that my friend told me about her friends Bachelor's party....

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