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Things are looking up...

Sinc I got the news last week im being laid off I have been on 6 interviews. I got an offer yesterday but I will be losing 50% of my pay.  Im not happy about it at all but if I stay in my current field which is insurance, I will get less with an option of commission. Looks like I may have to get a second job. Im so afraid, i accept the change but BILLS,BILLS,BILLS!
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Re: Things are looking up...

  • Dont let it stress you..things will work out. I had to get a 2nd job especially when the holidays came around. at the shop where I work business had got slow and it was either get another job push back the wedding. So just keeping praying and I hope something else bettrr comes along in the meantime least you got something rather nothing at all.
  • It will be ok. Just trust in HIM! He has brought you too far to leave you!
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  • Keep praying. Stay strong. GOD does not put more on you that he doesn't think you can handle. Just keep looking forward and push on. Wishing you blessings.
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  • Praying for you, wishing things turn around for the better...I knw I need to look for a second job just to help pay more for this wedding...smh like u said bills bils bills do they ever go away lol

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