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STDs stamped and ready to go!

FI and I put our stamps our on STDs today, and we're ready to send them out!  Even though I've been labeling them over the past few months, putting stamps on them and having them ready makes me feel better already!

I designed and ordered 10 invites, rsvp, and enclosures from VP today for fun.  We may not even end up using VP, but I thought I'd do a test-run for invitation quality early on.  I know sending out invitations is far away, but I'd like to DIY our pocketfolds while I have the time this summer.  
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Re: STDs stamped and ready to go!

  • I designed STD postcards on vistaprint. I ordered them about a week ago. We're getting married in Baltimore, MD, and our wedding theme is "From the Garden to the Shore," so we're incorporating nautical elements (seahorses are on our wedding logo - which I also designed, see it here on my posts?)  SO...

    for the STD I wanted something really fun and funky, and I decided on playing up the fun angle of Maryland Blue Crabs and Crab Steams - which are generally done by seasoning crabs with Old Bay Seasoning.  I used images of maryland blue crabs and cans of Old Bay on the front, and on the back, next to the text content, I included a map with a star where the venue is, so people see how close we are going to be to the Inner Harbor/waterfront.

    Here's an image of the can - it's got really fun, bright graphics, so I mimics this in our font and color choices on the text of the STD.  We're getting custom stamps for these from zazzle, which will also have the Old Bay Can on them.

    What do you think?  

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    Way to go. Its really great that you have your save the dates stamped....

    i have to order mine from VP.
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    Ella: The Old Bay idea is definitately fun, cute, and very unique.  You really can't go anywhere in Maryland without encountering Old Bay. 

    I ordered them back in January, but only because I had a VP groupon that was expiring.  I ordered oversized postcards with the image below on the front and more specific details (and our website) on the back.

    For the longest time, we went back and forth about getting married in NJ or SC. We wanted to be clear on location with our STD, so we decided to use a fun NJ outline graphic that I found somewhere.  Sadly, I can't remember where I found the image! 

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